Bruno Mars

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii Mars took the world by storm since entering the music’s industry back in 2004. After graduating high school Mars moved the Los Angeles, to pursue a music career, and it wasn’t long after he became a house hold name. Things were not always smooth for Mars, he felt underutilized with his first records company the legendary Motown Records, but everything changes back in 2009 when he signed with Atlantic Records.

He is a two time Grammy Award winner, and was name one of Time Magazine’s 100 more influential people in the world on various occasions in 2014 he was also named “Artist of the Year.” He has been on various awards lists throughout the years, and has won awards with MTV, Billboard Music Awards, and Music Entertainment Awards to name a few.

Mars has a classical style, and is very well versed in classical music and rock even though he is still under the age of 30. He is known from his retro showmanship and stage performances. Mars is extremely loyal and credits his band “The Hooligans” for a lot of his success. Mars is multi-talented he is able to sing, dance, and play a wide range of musical styles including but not limited to R&B, Soul, Funk and Reggae.

Mars endorses various products and companies, most notably back in 2013 when he posted a picture of himself smoking an electronic cigarette also known as an e-cigarette. Mars later confirmed his investment in a company called NJOY Electronic Cigarette Company citing publicly he did everything in order to quit smoking for his mother. Mars said he believes heavily in electronic cigarettes he believes they work and he believes the are the future for people who still want to smoke but understand that tobacco has sever long term risks which can lead to a lieu of health risks.

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