Cher Lloyd

She is another one of Simon Cowells X- Factor prodigies. And has turned into a incredibly successful singer, songwriter, rapper, model and actress. She competed in X-Factor back in 2010 and finished fourth but a lot of the public felt that was unjust. She was then signed by Syco Music, and her debut single “Swagger jagger” released back in 2012. Lloyd possesses a very unique voice which allows her not only to be a huge European artist but a massive crossover artist.

Men consider Lloyd to be all sex appeal and have voted her one of the sexiest women in the world. Back in Novemer of 2013 Lloyd married boyfriend Craig Monk after a year or so of dating.

Lloyd’s music is well versed, and it is generally R&B but her music has a ton of different elements including hip hop, dubstep, electronic, electropop, pop and dance-pop to name a few.

Lloyd has stated her influences to be very small she has publicly said she loves Dolly Parton. But she has stated she loves Nicki Minaj and would love to collaborate with her role model one day. Lloyd has said on various occasions that she feels that Minaj took pop music to another level. And there is no denying Minaj’s talent despits the world being full of her critics.

Lloyd has several tattoos and states that each of them have a different meaning to her. And she doesn’t care for critical people that those tattoos are going to look absolutely terrible in some 40 years, but Lloyd says her remark has always been incredibly simple; “Who Cares?”She says she doesn’t get tattoos to be cool or hip she does it became they all have a different meaning for her and she loves them, they symbolize different events and struggles in her live and act as a reminder for her.

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