Demi Lovato

She is a super successful singer and songwriter who made her first appearance on the hit televvision show Barney and Friends. Her first album would debut as #2 on the US Billboard 200 show, and the album went certified gold. The album would go on to sell over 650,00 copies worldwide, and her first title track reached as high as number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it was certified platinum.

Lovato would then go back to filming songs, television shows, and films all for the disney channel under her very lucrative contract. Lovato has said to have been going through a ton of personal difficulties everything from battling severe depression to various eating disorders. She has often times had to swallow her own tongue. Maybe none more notable then her brief stint as a judge on Simon Cowells X-Factor where she says Simon Cowell failed his group. And Cowell responded by telling Lovato that he had sold 300 million plus records and he was doing just fine.

Lovato was thrown into the limelight very quickly and has showed she is not as mature as over that as the same age most notably Taylor Swift. While Swift often goes on rants over certain things, Lovato seems to have very public feuds. And it all reflects on her as a artist and person, she does not hesitate getting very ugly, when she needs to and does not hold back. Lovato has failed to realize that she is a role model to millions of young girls around the world who love her music so when she goes out on live air and call someone out she is not just doing it to that person but she is showing her fans that bullying is okay.

Lovato is a very active Christian and is a full supporter of Gay Marriages, she voiced her opinion about gay rights and equality on more then one occasion.

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