Ice Cube

One of the most dominant, influential, and greatest rappers and hip hop figures to ever grace the microphone. Ice Cube is one of the original founders of Hip Hop, along with the like of Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and the Gofather of Hip Gop Eazy E. Ice Cube bolted into the then weak hip hop and rap scene in the late 1980s. And man did he have an immediate impact, such a strong impact that rap and hip hop would and has never been the same.

The NWA was the most talented, and greatest Rap group in history period. Ice Cube left the NWA back in 1989 but that didn’t stop him he had an incredibly successful solo career, and producing career. He even went on to him his on movies, and worked in television. Ice Cube is probably the most approachable figure from that era, Dr. Dre is approachable but has been linked to gangs and violence. With his connections with former DeathR ow President Suge Knight.

Ice Cube is and was an incredibly proficient lyricist and often told a unmatched story within his lyrics. He starred in movies such as Barber Shop, and Boyz in the Hood along side Cuba Gooding Jr. He also starred in the TBS Series ‘Are we there yet?’

Ice Cubes lyrics often talked about the much bigger picture things that people failed to understand and see. The political picture the demographics of violence. He talked about socio-political, as well as aggressive and violent beliefs of the people in his community. He stated various times that be believed the politician turned their backs on those out of Comptom, but it didn’t let him or Dr.Dre stop their paths to success.

Ice Cube is also a very successful entreprenuer, co-writing and producing the hottest movies of the summer along side Dr. Dr; Straight Outta Compton. He also has very lucrative endorsement deals, with Coors Light, as well as his own clothing line.

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