Justin Bieber

Whether you love him or you hate him, everyone in today’s society has heard the name Justin Bieber. He is considered this generation’s Beatles, or Michael Jackson; he is a musical genius and an absolute showman. Bieber regrettably has made decisions which have made people question him as a person, but it should not be overlooked he is still very young. He was thrown into instant success with no training or no warning, and has literally grown up in front of the public eye.

His albums have all gone multi platinum, and no ne has a larger fan following anywhere in the world of music other than Justin Bieber. Here are some cool facts about this Canadian.

Bieber is a Genius – You can call him stupid for punching a kid in the face at laser tag, or buying a monkey and than abandoning it in Germany, or call him dumb for racing his Ferrari up and down the streets. These are all signs of him being immature, when he comes down to it the boy is a musical genius and has so much untapped potential considering the fact he literally just started shaving. He can also solve a Rubik cube in less than 47 seconds, if you do not believe us look it up.

He has been sued – To say Justin Bieber has been sued is an understatement he has in fact been sued multiple times. But one of the most interesting accusations was by a woman name Mariah Yeater who claimed Justin was the father of her then 3-month-old baby. Bieber stated he did not know the woman and offered to take a DNA test, the lady than quickly dropped all lawsuits.

He is a Twitter God
– To put it in perspective, Justin Bieber has more Twitter followers then the entire population of Canada. He regularly finds himself as a trending topic on both Twitter and Facebook as well as other social media platforms.

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