MC Ren

Best known as MC Ren, Lorenzo Jerald Patterson, is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of Gangster Rp, Hip Hop and West Coast Hip Hop. He was a former member of the greatest group in the history of rap the NWA. Ten was first given a shot like many young rappers in the 1980s by Eazy E’s then Ruthless Records. He was just one of the few names signed to this star studded able, others included Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and others.

The NWA and particularly MC Ren was widely recognized through the world for their use of lyrics and how they popularized the use of explicit lyrics within their rap verses. He was one of the longest staying members of Ruthless Records, putting out and producing over a dozen gold and platinum level albums.

MC Ren is one of the least recognized members of the NWA. His impact on rap was two fold, he is and was a giant in the industry. people do not understand that the NWA had various members, and guys like Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube, are easy to label as the founding fathers. But when Ice Cube left for a year to study it was Ren who wrote a ton of the material for Eazy E. He just never drew the fan frenzy that Ice Cube drew thats not saying he does not and did not have a loyal fan base. His fans widely regard him at the best to ever hold a mic, and at least the best to ever let someone else take the credit.

Ten just like the other members of Ruthless Records would eventually leave in 1999 after disputes with Jerry Heller. One of the self proclaimed greatest manager in the music business, except for the fact he let his greatest assets walk out the door simply because of his ego.

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