Trace Adkins

An American Singer and Actor, Trace Adkins is a country artist and one of the most successful artists ever billed out of Nashville. He has also done extensive charity work primarily for the American Red Cross, who he hold dear to his heart.

Adkins has made various television appearances on various television shows such as Celebrity Apprentice. His first appearance on the show he came in second, and during his second appearance he ended up winning the whole thing. He has also been a voice over on various television shows and movies such as King of the Hill. He has also been the voice over on various KFC fast food commercials.

Adkins started his career back in 1996 with his hit single “There’s a Girl in Texas” it has remained one of the greatest and most selling country songs of all time. The songs immediately reach the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart. He later released his album Dreamin’ Out Loud, the album proved to be an instant success and produced several hit singles. The songs “Every Light in the House” reached as high as number 5, and his song “This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing” reach and stayed number 1 on the billboard charts for an extensive amount of time.

Adkins has a total of 5 children all daughters, 2 with his first wife and 3 with his second wife. He is a full pledged Republican and even performed at the 2012 Republican Nation Convention. Earlier this year he sang the National Anthem at the Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s second inauguration.

Back in early 2014 he checked himself into voluntary rehab to treat alcoholism after he got into an altercation on a cruise ship. The same year, and a few months later he and his second wife Rhonda filed for divorce.

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